Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom's Birthday Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was a whirlwind!  Well...what weekend isn't?  It was my Mom's birthday weekend and I realized after I put my outfit together that I like to get extra fashionista for her birthday.  Why?  I have no idea.  I also realized that it's been a year since I dyed my hair back to black...
Last weekend, I kindly called my aunt to see if she could sneak a peek at my Mom's shoe size in Converse sneakers so I could get her a very special pair she said she wanted and my aunt had me on speaker phone when I asked the very specific question!  Oops.  My Mom heard everything (of course) so I knew that she knew what her present was going to be so I had to dress it up MAJOR.  Enter this cute bag from good ol' Target

My mom's birthday present! ✨

AND a tiara and scepter!  I picked up the metallic grey and black from the wedding section and the tiara and scepter from the kids section.  Cute!  But what was lurking under all that tissue paper?
My mom's birthday gift revealed: Wonder Woman Converse! ✨
My Mom had off-handedly mentioned she wanted these shoes and somehow, I remembered to get them for her even though they're not too comfortable for her but I'm sure she'll wear them out anyway.  Cute!

I was in a "makin'" kinda mood this weekend since my old man recovered my spikes for me.  Here's what I started with:

Just finished this spiky lil bracelet too! *high five*

I took this pink belt (that came with a black dress) that wasn't really doing anything for me and I started poking holes in it by the buckle. After arranging my spikes and cutting the belt to the right length, I had a hot pink spiky bracelet!  So I had to make another - with snap buttons for the closures this time.  I was able to successfully use the mini anorak snaps I've had in my craft drawer FOREVER!  Sweet!
And after all that sweet anorak snap action, I finally got down to the most important craft - my shoes.  I had the second pair purchased.  I found the spikes.  All I needed was the awl.  Done.
After LOTS of poking and a few Real Housewives of New Jersey episodes, I did it. I had my dream shoes.
My favorite shoes just got a little dangerous

And you KNOW I wore them to my Mom's birthday dinner - which happened to be at the Bone Garden Cantina.  
Bone Garden Cantina   Live nudes
I think the best part about that place (besides the drink menu) is the decor.

My old man pointed out to me that my outfit matched my Mom's present:
Pattern   #armparty and yes, those are my pink pants in the background ;)
The background for the bracelets is actually my new pair of pink pants! And the geometic print belongs to my shirt.  So yes, I kept it in the pink, black and white family but I liked my outfit!  Funny coincidence!

How was your weekend?