Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey there, stud

It wasn't all just fun and games when I put on The Neverending Story yesterday. I was on a mission.
Shizz just got REAL #NeverendingStory

When I ordered the stars for my Rodarte project, I ordered a batch of 100 silver 1/2" studs. For what? I don't know. I think I had my Killjoys vest in mind but I wanted to spruce some other stuff up too. Like, maybe some shorts like the ones I've been seeing on Instagram via the #Coachella tag or some accessories like some purses, shoes or bracelets and belts.

I liked the purse route so we hit up the mall. I found this cute small one at H&M for around $12.

Not bad, not bad. Once we returned home, the old man disappeared upstairs, I put on my favourite movie and got to work.
Hey there, stud

After some light-hearted Instagramming of the movie, I focused back on my purse and here's how it turned out!
Stud bag

I love it! I took it out today and it's the perfect small bag! Now I'm looking at other bags (at other stores and in my own closet) to see what I can put studs on next!