Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend roundup

What a weekend!  I learned a lot about my coworkers (sober and intoxicated) and I really learned a lot about myself and where I am in my existential crisis about my job and career...I will spare you the details and just give a quick wrap up.

Over the course of Friday and Saturday (and Sunday for some), my job held a Team Summit for the corporate staff and our trainer team.  We learned a lot about the company and where we are and how we're looking to expand, etc.  Then, as our "something fun to do as a team that isn't work-related", we went to the Havana Club.  It's not my scene but I went so that I could party with the coworkers I enjoy being around - which happens to be most of them, of course.  That's where shit got crazy.  I know these kids are wild but DAMN!  I had a lot of fun and my terrible hangover yesterday was proof.
To make things fun (I guess), we had a dress code of sorts: ladies wore LBDs and guys wore all black with touches of red.  I was going to do the bleach spray to a simple black dress I bought at Target but I didn't have time to dye the bleached parts red by the time I became available to actually start working on it so I settled on a simple black Cynthia Rowley dress that had a large gold statement zipper down the back.  And because of that zipper, I decided to wear my Rodarte-inspired stars.  They held up surprisingly well!  I even slept in them.  Don't ask...Only the next day as I was taking them out, one of the arms broke.  It's still wearable and I'm sure I can reattach it but still.  *sad face*
I have some photos but they're not the best and for once, I didn't have to take pictures so I took that opportunity to enjoy myself.
One of the other highlights of the weekend was that my Mockingjay pins came in!

I ordered 3 but I should've gotten 4.  I ordered one for myself, Lauren and Heather but after I put my order in, I realized I'd forgotten to put one in for my aunt!  I guess I'll have to brave my local Hot Topic to get one for her but I might wait until the craziness dies down - which won't be anytime soon since I tried to go to see the movie on Friday night with Cassie (after our work thing, of course) and I called the theater to see if there were any tickets available for the 8:30p show but it was sold out.  Surprise surprise.

How was your weekend?