Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday Night TV

Since Monday is our Game of Thrones day, I noticed something last night.  Renley Baratheon is the total hipster king.  I mean, look at that beard!


Don't get me wrong - he's dreamy and all (in a Brandon Flowers kinda way) but what makes him cuter? His boyfriend

Precious!  If you didn't know that about Renley, sorry!  It was a major surprise to us too since we don't read the books (yet).  But since there's been a whole lotta boobs coming out this season, I'm hoping there's a whole lotta Renley and his BF for us ladies who like that kind of thing...You know - two cute boys making out.  GET IT.

And since TV was full of repeats last night, I decided to start my super ultra mega catch up on RuPaul's Drag Race since it's down to the final 3.  And while I LOVE Sharon Needles, Michelle Visage is my style icon.   Girl.  GURL.  GURRRRRL

DAMN.  Her boobs are always on point and she ALWAYS looks good.  Case in point: her outfit during the "Frock the Vote" judging panel.  GIRL.

LOVE!!  I hope to be able to be all titties out (against Joanna Coles' wishes) by the time summer comes around that way I  can say "I'm bringing Michelle Visage realness" when I wear my pink jeans and these shoes

And get my hair to behave like this

And I hope I can get my boobies to behave like hers.  Not gonna lie - I'm sure there's a whole lotta padding and tape involved to get that kind of perfection.
I'll just say it - I want to be just like Mama Visage.  There.  That was easy.

But that means I really need to find myself a Drag Mother to help me out in the makeup department.  I mean, I'm no stranger around the makeup case but I really need help in the falsies and the contouring department.  Yes, I'm terrible at applying falsies on my own but I always seem to get them on right if I'm doing makeup around other ladies (mainly my sisters)

Example 1: The Mermaid Parade last year (with my step-sister in New York)
Example 2: Pride last year (I applied my makeup at Oni's place before we headed to Piedmont Park):

And wouldn't you believe it - it's the same pair of lashes both times! HA!

I was able to do a Barbie pair a few years back on Valentine's but that was under the strict supervision of Lady LaLa and Oni.  I don't know what it is but when I tried to apply my Barbie lashes for my Mom's birthday dinner, I had the WORST time.  I'll get the hang of it soon enough.  Practice makes perfect!

How was your Monday?