Friday, April 13, 2012

Draw Something!

Like most of the world's population, I've started playing Draw Something.  I held off from joining because I already play Charadium but by comparison, Charadium isn't as fun....Sorry!  I like Charadium's layout better but Draw Something is more accessible, I guess because of the FB Connect feature.  And on the Ping Pong feature on Charadium, I've been getting a lot of creeps lately.  Not good.  With Draw Something at least I know I'm playing with my friends.  And because I'm playing on my iPad, I feel like I have quite the advantage.  I don't think I could ever play on my phone!  That's way too small for my fat fingers!  And I have an extra advantage of playing using my stylus.  Double win.
I'm not the greatest artist.  I left that to my brother (who I would LOVE to play with but he doesn't have the app).  But over the course of playing, I feel as though I'm getting a little better each time!  That depends on the word of course.  Sometimes I get shitty words and have to settle.  Other times I luck out and get great words.  Here are some of my "best" works:


My Twilight section, apparently

Not gonna lie, this is where I started feeling a little more confident with my abilities.  I mean, my Aladdin and Jasmine are pretty on point < sarcasm / >
I was really proud of the Woody I drew for my old man (yeah, that sounds terrible) but he guessed it before I even started drawing the details of the hat!  Lame.  But it is kind of boring to sit through the whole process if you already know what it is, right?  I guess.  I'm definitely not as good as the people featured here but I'm not as terrible as I was!

Are you on Draw Something?  Send me your username!