Friday, April 20, 2012

Project 366 going stong!

I feel like I sound as if I've abandoned my 366 project since I haven't been posting weekly photos!  Worry not - I haven't abandoned it, I've just fallen behind on posting weekly round-ups!  Oops!
To make up for it, here is a mini round-up of some photos that you haven't seen (unless you've been to my set)

76/366: Paint swatch 1



Holiday house!


Signal strength



I've been noticing I'm shooting with the iPhone camera a lot more than the Hipstamatic app (because it's faster to load) and because of that, I'm using the Cross Process app a lot more.  I've also been playing around with other apps but I keep that mostly to my mash-ups - which I've fallen a little behind on because now that I have NMSbB's #4 and #5, I'm trying to shoot my shots accordingly. 
But I'm remaining diligent on my 366 project even though I haven't really been finding too many crazy things.  That just gives me all the more reason to go on more trips!