Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Conversations With Friends: "The List"

While Double D was in town, we had what started as a very lighthearted conversation that quickly turned into a full on debate. It also made me realize how easily I get infatuated - especially when it comes to guys.

We were talking about "The List". You know, the list of celebs you can get a free pass with. Everyone had a pretty normal list. And by "normal" I mean "short". Except me. My list is a very long one. Maybe it reflects what my Mom used to tell me when I was younger: "You love everybody" or maybe it reflects the fickle nature of society and how easily we can be swayed. Meh - maybe I really do love everybody.
Like I said, my list is looooooooong. And I didn't really start thinking about it again until one of my old man's friends put this as her status update: It was (again) brought to my attention yesterday, that I have weird celebrity crushes. Who's the oddest celebrity you have a crush on? I replied: I don't know if I should put my old man on blast with Maybe I should because my list is endless (& I have no shame ). It's true.

My list is pretty harmless but I do have the weird ones in there. Well, maybe not really "weird" but more quirky, I guess? I don't know. But I did think about this during last week's conversation (while I rattled name after name off for Double D to keep track of): if I had to narrow it down to a Top Ten, who would be on this list?

In no particular order, I followed Lauren's lead with the most obvs on the list: Ryan Gosling. Then my old man filled in a few parts - Jude Law, that guy from Glee (he was talking about Darren Criss), Ewan McGregor, that guy from Spartacus. He's referring to Manu Bennett. And yes, I think Manu Bennett is quite attractive and all but I prefer him as Crixus, his Spartacus character. He's more clean cut that way. IRL, he always looks like he needs a haircut - which isn't terrible. And then I started blurting out names: Elijah Wood (on my list since Huck Finn *swoon*), Orlando Bloom, Josh Hutcherson, Nathan Williams, Gerard Way (don't judge - you know he's good looking), Michael Pitt, Carly's brother on iCarly - Jerry Trainor (talk about weird), Shane West, Chris Hemsworth - which is funny because I'm not a fan of his brother Liam (aka Gale Hawthorne)...I could keep going but I'll spare you.

While I was messing around with the new HBO Go app for the Xbox, I decided to watch Charlie St. Cloud and I'm convinced: Zac Efron is not a real person. I swear he was chiseled out of marble on Mount Olympus and Zeus has presented him to us to show that handsome men like him can be good looking and charming without being total assholes. He truly is a gift from the Gods. Maybe he's a Demi-God. Maybe Aphrodite had relations with Mr. Efron. Maybe Zeus had relations with Mrs. Efron. Who knows. Either way, he can't be real. All the close ups in the movie reduced me to tears. Yes, the movie was sappy and it made me cry anyway but the close ups on Zac Efron's face were so unreal. And beautiful. And inhuman. That's what shot him to the top of my list. Sorry Darren Criss - even though I'm convinced he's a Demi-God as well. He's an amazing singer and dancer (like Zac), he's extremely handsome (like Zac) and he's super charming (like Zac)!
Maybe there's this new crop of Hollywood celebs that's changing that self-righteous ego bullshit from the past. God(s) I hope so...

Until then, I present to you my (ever-changing) top ten list of celebrity crushes



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