Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo Mash-up #2

Remember how I told you I was doing photo mash-ups with one of my Flickr friends? Well, after many days of lamenting at my own lack of creativity and trying to brush off my monthly (it might be turning into weekly) existential crisis, I was able to decide on which photos would be my #2 for No More Sideburn Bob.

NMSbB sent me his #2 (and #3) forever ago and I felt bad for not sending him one back. I sent him this pathetic sounding email saying "I'm trying to think of better shots for this project since I feel like most of my surrounding are a little boring..." Typical me. But that's part of my existential crisis - I'm thinking I want new surrounding. You know, like a new skyline perhaps??? We'll see.

ANYWAYS - NMSbB was nice enough to message me back with very kind words reminding me that he's not used to my surroundings and what I may think is boring, he will think is interesting.

Back to reality.  I thought about it and decided I'd send him shots from my photo walk last weekend.

Here was his #2 shot 
No More Sideburn Bob - #2

And here's mine
Katzi - #2

Here's my finished product
Mash-up #2

Here's NMSbB's finished product
No More Sideburn Bob mash-up #2

I realized after I had processed this one, that this would've been so much better for the postcard effect than the last one. Don't get me wrong, the effect was pretty on the last one but I would have preferred to use it for this one. But you know, that's the beauty of this project: we can't get ideas for the photo until both photos have come in and we start processing them.

I used Image Blender, Cross Process and PicFx.  The effects turned out nice!  When I sent the photo, I had forgotten he had also done a facade so when I went to blend them, the bikes magically placed themselves on the grass.  How serendipitous!  And how weird are those phantom facades?  There's a road by my house that's been under construction FOREVER and I'm guessing these were demos for some development companies or something.  I'm not sure but they're weird and kind of pretty in their own way.

Here's a link to my set - which features the original and processed photos
Here's a link to NMSbB's set