Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Saturday Night Glee-ver

How great was Glee last night?!  I was already freaking out about it because Double D sent me this lovely gem

I thought it was funny and spooky because I had JUST been looking for cheap Bee Gees greatest hits albums to download. To tell you the truth, I wasn't too jazzed about this particular episode because I thought it was going to be campy (which it still was) and corny (Finchel = BARF) but there's something about Darren Criss performing You Should Be Dancing and wearing that white suit at the end.

How fabs was Mercedes?!

WERK. But as fabs as Mercedes was, Unique tore that shit up

Unique's whole storyline had me all choked up, to be honest.  I was practically in tears every time Unique was talking about her gender identity issues.  Girl, I totally understand.  And I'm glad she came out all decked out in her sparklies and Jesse St. Jerkface looked like a total asshole.  DO IT!!  I was like a proud mama watching Boogie Shoes and gave my very own standing ovation in my living room.

Finn and Rachel had me puking with their seemingly increasing sappy, sugary relationship drama but I'm glad Finn got his act together in the end.  But can they please STOP talking about their damn wedding.  Ugh.  So lame.  Can we get more Sam and Mercedes time?  I LOVE them together and I was so happy to see that Sam wasn't really perving out to Mercedes when he was getting that video of her for YouTube.  They belong together and I hope she sees that.  And I can't handle another serenade like this

My heart can't take it!  Just be with Sam!

Kurt and Blaine were precious, as always, and I was happy to see that wardrobe is back on track with Kurt.  He had been in some questionable outfits until now and I'm hoping that phase is OVER.

What was your favourite performance from last night?