Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Workplace Hero

This past Monday the resident super-fast runner at the office, Tara, ran in the Boston Marathon!  I managed to keep my enthusiasm down - even  when we found out she was running it at her bridal shower, I was ecstatic!  I was so excited when I found out we could track her on the website too!  Too bad work got in the way and I ended up being so busy I could only pull up her finishing stats.  I ended up missing the entire race!  Oh well.  There were other co-workers that were able to multitask tracking her and working better than I could so they gave me a breakdown afterwards.  I was still very overcome with joy at the fact that she actually did it that I started asking her boss if she was going to do anything for her, like make a poster or decorate her desk or something.  It turns out she was going to decorate Tara's desk but she liked the poster / banner idea.  I told her to email me what she wanted the poster to say and I would take care of the rest.
After the banner was signed off on, I printed it on our plotting printer and as I was pulling it off, Heather said that we should probably all sign it.  I was all "Damn girl, why you gonna write all over my Photoshoppin'".  Just kidding.  We all signed it and it looked amazing!  And after some decorating, Tara's cube was ready for her triumphant return!

Congrats to Tara who ran in the Boston Marathon on Monday!
If I were here, I would've stayed home and rested the rest of the week after a race like that but she came in with her medal for us to admire.
Tara's race medal
How bad ass is that?! It has a freaking UNICORN on it!! Maybe I should train for the Boston Marathon so that I can have a unicorn medal too! HA! I've never even dreamed of doing even a 5K... so I'll just have to settle for an Oscar®.

Congratulations Tara!  You really are my hero and you keep giving me push I need to keep with my own *secret* training (but that's another story).

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