Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rodarte Star Bursts: DONE!

While I was watching a mini Face Off marathon, I decided I'd get out my stars and have another go at a hair clip.
After some playing around, I finally settled on the perfect layout
Star bursts take 2
Fancy, huh?  I'm so proud of the way this one looks!  It's definitely streets ahead from the first one...
Star burst
And I even found a way to incorporate the baby stars that I thought I couldn't use!  Hooray!
Both have hair clips attached and now all I need is some spray paint.  I think I'll make the big one gold (like the original) and I'll keep the smaller one silver but I'll make it all the same colour - including the clip.  I might even try some glitter spray paint???  We'll see.

You like?  Have you tried making some?