Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo mash-ups!

Sorry for the lack of updates!  Work has got me really busy with last-minute video preps for our team building weekend starting tomorrow so...I've been stuck.

On another note - I've been making some pretty cool friends via Flickr and one of my favourite collaborators, No More Sideburn Bob, has invited me to do this awesome photo mash-up collab with him.  The idea is we each take a photo, label it with corresponding numbers, email them to each other and see how we mash them up!


Photo #1    PLUS     No More Sideburn Bob - Photo 1


No More Sideburn Bob mash-up #1
By No More Sideburn Bob

Photo mash-up #1
By me.  I took a cue from his and decided to run it through a few more apps so it wouldn't look like too much of the same thing - since we are using the same blender app.

I brought both photos in to Image Blender (which he told me about), ran the mash-up through Swanko Lab, Lo Mob and finally, through Pic Grunger.  With his street shot and my flowers, I thought it would make a nice post card looking photo so I messed with the colours in Swanko Lab, added the border with Lo Mob and the creases with Pic Grunger.  I think they both turned out really well!
He sent me his #2 & #3 photos (which are totally awesome shots btw) and now I have to think of something that will mash-up nicely with them...

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