Friday, January 27, 2012

366 Project Update

Here's another 366 project round-up. I think I'll *try* to do a weekly round-up to kind of help me stay on task and not get all discouraged. Help me keep my creativity flowing!
Since I've already done the first 15 days post, I'll start with the 16th until now...

16/366 January Birthday Day Cake 17/366: Abstract 18/366: The house at the top of the hill 19/366: Dessert 20/366: Tartan 21/366: Gum balls 22/366: Mugs 23/366: Two reasons to finally upgrade phones! 24/366: Church 25/366: Shoes are in! It's almost filming time 26/366: Flowers

While I'm aware you've seen some of these already, it doesn't hurt to re-post!

I'm trying to do little things like take different ways home for some different scenery or using other apps instead of just the Hipstamatic.  But when I do use the Hipstamatic, I've been shaking it to randomize the settings since I have a tendency to stay with one particular lens/film combo.  I've also been keeping an eye out for different camera apps to try out as well.  I'm really excited about the photos now that I've done my upgrade!  The last photo (of the Nike shoe boxes) is the first photo with my new phone and I think it looks great!  Especially after I ran it through the Cross Process app.  It's like night and day!  I love it!  I can't wait to share more photos!