Thursday, January 5, 2012

366 Project for 2012

It had not dawned on me that this year is a leap year until I was invited to a 366 group on Flickr.  I hadn't been looking to start another photo-a-day challenge until this realization so I'm feverishly back-tracking my photos to January 1st.  The only gap I can find is that I didn't take a photo on the 2nd and if I did, it's on my Unicorn Hipstamatic Disposable app - which I still have 15 shots left to take before I can see any photos!

Right now, I'm having mixed emotions with the app because, while I love the idea of sharing cameras, I hate that I can't see anything until it's done. I guess I'm feel more of that anxiety since I know I took some photos with it yesterday (while it was being all crashy-crashy) and I can't submit them to my 366 project until I'm done.  And who knows when that will be?!  Just kidding.  I guess I can take some filler photos to get them all out so that I can have those.  Ugh.  I hate that I have to do that.

I guess I should've thought about the 366 project first.  I mean, I had every intention to do it but I wasn't really feeling it - until I got that invite.  It was the push I needed to challenge myself this year.  And on top of that, I have some added pressure: the person who invited me to the group also invited me to share a Hipsta-D camera with him as well so...I'm feeling the pressure for some neat photos!  Not to mention I felt like I lost yesterday with the whole crashy business.  Not to worry though!  While I was recording some music, I had my phone updating in the background so I'm hoping to get some shots worthy of sharing very soon!


Here's a link to the set on Flickr!