Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hipstamatic Disposable - Sharing cams is fun!

Hipstamatic Disposable - you are AWESOME!!  I love the filters and the customization of the amount of FX you can have on your photos!

Owls You can have a little or a lot  The Varsity

These two shots were taken with the El Mario cam that I was sharing with fellow Flickr-er Sideburn Bob. He was the one who prompted me to take part in the 366 Project for this year!  But I think it's an even bigger deal that I'm sharing cams with other friends because I'm giving him an Atlanta perspective while he's giving me a Copenhagen perspective!  I love that!  I love the aspect of sharing different parts of the world with each other!  Heck, sharing different parts of the same city is pretty awesome!

There are some downsides to this app, though.
There's no Flickr Sharing within the app.  *Sad Face*  Flickr Sharing would've been awesome!  I get that it's "base" is in Facebook and there's sharing that way but I'd prefer Flickr Sharing since I like all my photos there.

The other downside is in the Hipstamart

Some cameras are unlimited - which is AWESOME (unlimited Unicorn MG!).  Other cameras are limited.  Limited cameras range between 9 cameras for $0.99, 36 cams for $1.99 or 99 cams for $3.99.  While those prices aren't terrible, it kinda sucks that you get a limited amount.  I told myself I wouldn't get a limited camera but I kinda fell in love with the features of the Foxy X69.

Shallow depth of field? Sweet! I love that with the Loftus Lens. I'm glad it's an option with the Hipsta-D.  Yeah, I caved and bough it.  I might cave and get the others but I'm holding out for unlimited cams for all soon!  *Fingers crossed*

Anyways - I was thinking that I could maybe try spicing up my 366 project with the challenge of using a single camera and taking a photo per day for the first 24 days of that particular month but I won't be able to post them until the camera is finished.  This is where the Flickr Sharing would be extremely useful.  I'm still thinking about it...

All in all, the Hipstamatic Disposable is a pretty cool little thing.  I saw an article on their FB page about a band who shared Hipsta-D's for one of their shows.  Pretty neat! 

I feel like it's helping me think more creatively while sharing cams with other friends.  What types of photos can I take to make it fun for everyone?

Check out my slowly growing album on Flickr and let me know if you have a Hipsta-D so that we can share a cam!