Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nicholas Hoult Appreciation

So...Nicholas Hoult, huh?
Remember that time I said Tony wasn't my type? I'm talking about Nicholas Hoult's character Tony Stonem on the British TV show Skins, of course.  And while Tony still isn't my type (I'm more of a Cook gal - like Tony's l'il sis), Nicholas Hoult kinda is.
At first, I wasn't really digging his look.  I guess as Tony, he pulled off the arrogance really well and made me dislike him for being such a jerk.  He was the type of guy to take advantage of the weakness in women for cute guys.  Yes - what a cliché.  BUT Tony seemed to always win on the outside.  At least his friends (and viewers) knew what was up.

But enough about Tony.  His time is over.  Let's talk about the sparkly-eyed young lad in A Single Man.  Cool. Confused.  Open.  Honest.  These were the things Kenny was.  And Tom Ford's lens perfectly captured that spark in his eyes.  The wanting.  The yearning.  The eagerness.  The honesty.  If you haven't seen A Single Man, do yourself a favour and watch it.  I don't know why it took me so long to see it but thank goodness I finally did!
Even during the Oscar buzz around A Single Man, I still wasn't convinced about Nicholas Hoult.  To me, he was still Tony.  Arrogant, rude and just an all-around selfish person.  That is - until I kept seeing these photos floating around my Tumblr dash...

Well...hello there!  I knew Tom Ford would recruit you for some sort of a campaign after working with you on A Single Man but...Holy Mother!  You are quite the handsome devil!  I guess the Tony vibe was putting me off.  You know, because those guys are assholes but that was all I had to compare him to!  Until now.  Guh.
I think I prefer him better as a model.  AND I think he would've made the Prada show a little more...handsome. He could've replaced Garrett Hedlund - who was painfully out of place.

He could've rocked out ANY of the looks - especially these two:

That's okay. The Prada show was still wonderful. And I'm sure Nicholas has walked in a few shows anyway.

I can't wait to see more of him although I have to admit: I'm not too jazzed about that new zombie movie he's in.  While he's a swoon-worthy zombie (which is a thing now?), I'm not crazy about a swoon-worthy zombie seeing as zombies are my worst nightmare coming true.

We'll see how that one plays out...

In any case, I take back all the mean things I said about Mr. Hoult and hope to continue seeing him in more films and more fashion campaigns. 
Cheers to you, Nicholas Hoult!