Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jolie Petite - The Most Kawaii Cases EVER

I forgot how I stumbled upon these cases (probably Tumblr.........) but I absolutely fell in LOVE with these custom phone cases from Etsy seller Jolie Petite! At first, it started with a small FB request to my old man since he was hounding me about what I wanted for Christmas. I sent him the FB page pointing him to the query about custom cases. I told him if he wanted to get me anything, he should get me a custom Hello Kitty iPhone 4 case.  Mind you, I don't have the iPhone 4 just yet but I was hoping to get one for Christmas.  I still don't have one since I can't stop long enough to actually go to the store and upgrade my damn phone but I will now because guess what two beauties showed up in the mail?
23/366: Two reasons to finally upgrade phones!
That's right! My super kawaii Hello Kitty phone cases!  He did it!  He actually ordered them!  I honestly didn't think he would because they are very over the top but just look how adorable they are!!

Now I HAVE to upgrade phones so I can get these on as soon as possible!! Too cute! And you know what else she makes?

iPad cases!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  I'd LOVE to slap this baby on my iPad 2!!  It would definitely stick out at meetings, that's for sure...
I'm so excited!  I can't wait to run to my local Apple store and finally upgrade my phone!  Sure, the upgrade will benefit my 366 project with better photo quality but it's the cases I'm more excited about!! (Is that bad?)

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