Friday, January 20, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars: Patterning for Piggy - The Recap

Squirrelfriends - last night was wacky.  Almost too wacky for Project Runway but you know what?  It was still a fun episode!  Miss Piggy and Eric Daman (stylist for Gossip Girl!!) were the guest judges and yes, there was a karate chop in there...
What was funny about last night was how much people took it too seriously.  I mean, it was meant to be a FUN challenge! And let me tell you, Kara's freakouts are starting to get on my nerves.  Lauren pointed out that she didn't remember Kara being that needy/whiny on her season and you know what?  I don't remember that either.  Since when does she need THAT MUCH praise?  Oy vey...
She totally almost melted down over some gloves and shoes that Austin took.  "I showed Joanna the whole story yesterday!"  Ugh.  What are you, five years old?  And with all that whining and Austin giving in, her outfit was not that cute.

In fact, the gloves hurt the styling.  That was a little too much pink for me - especially since there was a subtle pink in the piping.  If she had let Austin keep the gloves, it would've been fine.
Speaking of Austin...What.  The.  FUDGE.

Those gloves are all wrong and I agree with the judges - the grey for this was totally not working with the pink. I don't have a problem with pink and grey but this particular combo is weird.  The bows?  Ouch.  The dress would've been better without the gloves and bows, honestly.
Another weird combo?  Austin's own outfit.

 He's got the "Gay Matador" look DOWN.  His personal outfit could've paired well with Rami's model.  Check it.

Rami had a case of "taking it too seriously" last night and Miss Piggy...loved it? I felt like she was kind of standing in for Michael Kors with her comments but the only difference is that she meant them in a nice way. She said this was like a candy store exploded. And she loved it. She also called it garrish and over the top, or something like that, but she meant it in a nice way, of course.

Mila's look was like she was designing for Avril Lavigne ca. 2002.

What the hell Mila? Austin NAILED IT when he called Mila's aesthetic too "severe". What a great word. It's so severe.  And for some reason, the striped sleeves reminded me of Kurt Cobain and my high school years.  Not in a good way either.

Gordana deserved to stay over Mila's, personally.  Although it looks like she made a night gown, it's still cuter than Mila's for sure.

I don't think this was that elimination-worthy but oh well. Sorry Gordana :(

Mondo's styling was a liiiiitle weird (WTF is up with that hair!!!) but the dress was cute.

I was kind of hoping he would've made an outfit close to something he designed for Fashion Week so that he could inspire Eric to take some clothes back with him to the Gossip Girl set for Blair or Serena. Oh well...

Kenley's looked like raw bacon with her giraffe print but it was a cute silhouette.  Oh yeah, it's the same damn silhouette she keeps doing over and over and over and over and over and over...

And over and over and over and over and over...

April's was cute. Definitely a step up from her period mess last week.

Good job April!

I declared Anthony's dress as "Grill Marks" because of the stripey fabric but I guess the judges were too distracted by the feathers to make that connection. Oh well. Cute dress though!

Jerell surprised me this week! Throughout the episode, every time Jerell came on screen, I kept saying, "What are you even doing there Jerell?!" But then his dress walked out and BAM! Gorgeous!

Super cute! This would be cute to take to Gossip Girl that's for damn sure! Nice one Jerell!

And finally - the winner. Michael C was redeemed from last week with a win this week. Sure his dress looked like a "present from Kermie" (says Miss Piggy herself) but I thought the bows looked more like bacon strips.

Or maybe I just wanted someone to make an outfit that was food-related because there was so much comedic gold available last night! SO MUCH!!  But it was cute and everyone loved it and I'm glad he finally got his win.  I hope he doesn't let it go to his head...

The karate chop came when the Eric was making comments about clients being self conscious about their ears or something and Miss Piggy was like, "Look, let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with me!  I'm perfect!"  Well, she didn't say it like that but she basically said that and then she straight-up chopped Eric!  LOL


Bitch please...

 Last night brought the LOLZ for sure.  Next week looks like a doozy!  Diane von Furstenberg!  WHAT.  Six hour challenge?  Double WHAT.  I'm sure there will be LOTS of tears so please stock up for the drinking game!

Until then, have a good weekend!