Monday, January 16, 2012

366 Project - The First 15 Days...

So this 366 project is underway and I feel like I'm having more fun with it than the last one I did.  Why?  I don't know.  I guess because I'm more comfortable with my iPhone camera?  More comfortable with the Hipstamatic perhaps?  Let's see...

              This year                                               2010
       1/365 : Fried Dill Pickle ChipsHappy 2012!!
Self Portrait
       2/365 : Conan the Gnome-man O'Brien
Dark Mark keychain from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter           3/365 : Monsieur Tofu VS Mr Bacon
Necklaces           4/365 : Boomers
Black Widow in repose           5/365 : Angel statue II
6/366 Pizza!           6/365 : Cuckoo Clock
Oh dear lord - Paul is letting me play the drums...Does anyone have extra Star Power to save me?           7/365 : Ssshh
Pale pink roses           8/365 : Apparel model
My Kelly McKernan postcards                             9/365 : Mini DV Deck
At work: DVD proofing           10/365 : Ghost
Blue Orchids           11/365 : Shotgun / BOOM
Apartments           12/365 : Starbucks Friday
No.6           13/365 : Atlantic Station II
Paul           14/365 : Metal Only / No Wood
15/366 Valentine Cards           15/365 : Key Lime Pie

I have to keep in mind that I didn't start the last 365 project on the 1st, so the dates aren't lining up but that's not the point.

I feel like with the addition of apps like Instagram and the Hipstamatic Disposable, not to mention all the other film packs for the original Hipstamatic, the possibilities are endless for this year's 366 project!  I'm really looking forward to finishing it!  The last one I did started feeling like a little bit of a chore on the harder days but I feel like I've been becoming more and more ambitious lately and I think that this 366 project will be streets ahead of the last one. that we've compared the first 15 days, let's see how the rest of the 351 days stack up this year!  I can't wait!


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