Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars: A Night At The Opera recap

Last night, Lauren and I ventured where we have never ventured before: an actual Project Runway viewing party hosted by ATL's own Anthony Williams!  WHAT?!  Yes, we were there.  What, no photos?  Unfortunately, I felt a little weird asking for photos.  Maybe on our next visit but I just wasn't feeling it last night.

The challenge, though.

Oh!  This challenge!  Opera dresses!  Sweet mother of baby Jesus!  THE DRESSES!!!  Badgley Mischka!  This challenge!

I kind of want to start with my most favourite dress of the night but then the rest of the post wouldn't be worth reading so I'll start with the middle-of-the-road kids.

Like every girly-girl, I love me a good poofy dress and Kenley delivered just that with this cutesy pink marshmallow of a gown.

I'll admit - I was a little afraid she would go overboard with the polka dots but she reeled it in to make a cute, over-sized bow.  And I can't get over how well the colours worked with her models' skin tone.  Well done Kenley!  You didn't take the pin-up route and it worked!  She was still a Barbie Girl, though...

Mila's was okay.  I wasn't razzle-dazzled by hers but it was well made and she did a good job.

The slit was nice and the styling was great. Sleek, simple and chic.  Nicely done.

Rami didn't take the Grecian Goddess route that we thought he was going to take.  I even went as far as holding my napkin up and declaring it Rami's dress (I bring teh lolz).

I guess he's not trying to be Mr. Drapey this time around which could be a good thing or a bad thing.  Honestly though, I feel like he's made this dress before.  I still like it but I think the structuring went down a little too far.  He could've stopped right above the hips and it would've been nice.  Meh - either way, it's a great dress.  High five, Rami!

Maybe it's because I just watched Tom Ford's directorial debut last weekend but Mondo's dress kinda reminded me of a mix between Julianne Moore's dress in A Single Man and Aubrey Hepburn.  AND I LOVE IT.

Yes, I'm Team Mondo all the way but I really do love this dress. As RuPaul would say, this is ELEGANZA, darling. The train/cape is gorgeous. The silver accents - perfection.  The collar is wonderful and I just adore the hell out of it.  Unfortunately, this was a middle-of-the-road entry.  That's okay, you'll get 'em next week Mondo!!

Gordana.  GIRL.  You worked it out this week!  OMG!  I LOVED this look!

The styling was gorgeous! This girl looked like a true, classic movie starlet. I know that wasn't the challenge but it's so elegant, classy, sleek and just so beautiful! It was beautiful work by Gordana this week and I seriously cannot wait to see more of her stuff. I feel like we've made a constructual (is that even a word?) connection and I never want it to end.  I bet MK would've said some nasty things about this but I don't care!  This is beautiful.

I will kick off the section I'd like to call "Preggers Prom Dresses" with Jerell's dress.

Jerell.  Seriously.  WTF?  This poor girl looked like she was comfortably preggers.  Like the way Posh Spice looked when she was spitting those babies out.

Why, dear Jerell?

Why did Kara take the preggers route?  I thought she'd been stepping up her game a little but the poofy-ness of the waist line was another baby bump, I thought.

She had the same problem that Sweet P had - the fabric would've worked if it had been a shorter skirt with the poofy-ness.  I think, at least.

Speaking of Sweet P...

The construction was great on the halter but the poofy skirt was too much. If she had cut it short, it would've made a cute party dress.  Oh Sweet P.  I love you, I really do, but this was sorta bad - for the challenge anyway.  I think if you really liked the colour of the top, you could've made a really cute form-fitting dress with the same material.  No flowers necessary.  Sorry, Sweet P :(

If those were the preggers dresses, April's was the after-birth.  Yes, I went there.  It was like a bloody mess all up in there!

I'm sorry but that dip-dye technique does NOT work for everything.  Gutsy move, though, I will say.  Since the sound was kinda not working at the place, we couldn't hear a lot of commentary but I did hear one of the All-Stars say something along the lines of "If she wants to sabotage herself, that's on her" or something like that.  Yes, this was a risk but I'm almost glad that she took it because I feel like sometimes we get all caught up in their fabric choices and patterns that we forget they can actually dye their own stuff!  I have a lot of respect for that since I helped my sister dye some things a few times.  It's harder than it looks!

On to the top 3.
I'll start with last night's host - Mr. Anthony.

Girl.  Girl, seriously.  Holy boobs.  Holy EVERYTHING.  This was the dress I was expecting from Rami but I'm so glad it came from Anthony!  Holy mother of God! 

I LOVED the jewels! I loved the sleeve! I loved the styling except for the black gloves. I thought they were a little harsh with the white dress but OMG - stunning.  I think the judges didn't like the jewels or something because I read the word "vampy" in the closed-captioning.  I'll give it a re-watch.  I wanted to congratulate Anthony but I just was NOT feeling it last night.  I don't know why.  Maybe next time...

I'll go to the challenge winner next because I'm saving the absolute BEST for last.

Austin won.  While this dress was pretty, I didn't think it should have won.  I thought Anthony's should've been 2nd at least!  This one was okay.

The shape was nice and complimentary to the model. The criss-crossed gold was flattering and the sheer black was a nice touch but compared to Michael's dress, this was all right.

Michael's dress was the stuff dreams are made of.  ELEGANZA TO THE MAX.  Couture.  High-fashion.  Gorgeous.

Some people would disagree and that's fine but you cannot deny the fabulousness of this dress. I mean, come on! The feathers! The jewels! The body-hugging shape!  The high collar with the feathers!  It was perfection.  The belt was a great touch - especially on the back! 

OMG!  I really loved this dress.  Like, I love it in the way I love Joshua's man-cleave.  Yes, I love it that much.  I dare say I might love this dress almost as much as I love Mondo himself.  WHAT.  No, that can never happen BUT this dress is...I can't even find the right words.  This dress is simply gorgeous and I'd LOVE to see on the Red Carpet somewhere.  LOVE IT.

So there you go.  I hope to get a better watch of last night's episode this weekend so I can hear all the critiques and work room commentary.  I'm sure it was good - especially with this particular challenge.  Next week looks like fun and I think it's more evening dresses, if I'm not mistaken.  Like I said, I'll know after I watch again.

Maybe we can alternate live-blogging and viewing parties?  I don't know.  That's a lot of $$$ but it was fun because the girl sitting with Anthony was chanting "Sweet P has got to go" which was hilarious.  Maybe she can help elevate the viewing parties to "Rocky Horror"-level viewing?  That would be AWESOME.  Then our "WHAT"s wouldn't be so out of place when the wrong person wins.  We'll see!  Reality TV is definitely better in groups!

Until next time!

PS - Happy Friday the 13th!