Friday, January 27, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars: Good Taste Tastes Good : The Recap

Ugh.  Can I just say that last night's episode was bumming me out?  I mean, whose idea was it to have the designers get inspired by flavours of gelato for the 6 hour challenge?  Weird...

First of all - Jerell was talking shit about everyone and then he makes this Fruits of the Forest thing

Um okay Jerell.  If you had styled it differently, it would've looked better.  AND I'm so glad he gets a reality check next week because, seriously, why is he there if he hasn't been in the top or bottom yet?

Sticky McStinkface (AKA Mila) was in the TOP 3?  What?  Bizarro.  Her Milk and Sour Cherries (apropos) lazy t-shirt dress was in the top?  Yuck.

Why? The colours are all lame and this poor model looks terrible. The judges even told her the accessories were too heavy.

Austin's was so vanilla.  I mean, yes his flavour was Madagascar Vanilla Bean but this shit is seriously boring.

Rami's head was clearly not in the game because I don't know what to call this.

Lime-splosion works, I think.

Kenley, I've seen this dress a thousand times at the thrift store and at Target.

It's cute. It will always be cute. But for the sake of the competition DO SOMETHING NEW

April took a cute approach to her blueberry flavour but her execution in what hurt her in the end.

I don't care what anyone says - this dress is cute. Yes, the back is too short and yes, it's slightly unfinished but it's pretty. The purple tulle over the blueberry blue was beautiful! It definitely should NOT have gone home over this mess:

Kara must really want a baby since she keeps making maternity wear. How on Earth did this stay?! Honestly, I thought Sweet P was back in the workroom! What in the world?! Even Isaac said, "Is she all-stars material?" I'm with you Isaac. I guess the producers know about our drinking game rules (Drink when someone cries or looks like they're going to cry).

Anthony's Green Tea dress was cute but it was little too structured for this challenge.

I think it's great that he can construct clothes. Awesome. But you don't have to do it so much. And those angles don't really play well with the flowy skirt. I get the hard versus soft thing but since your inspiration was the gelato melting, you should've made the "cone" skirt a little sharper and the "gelato" top a little softer. Just sayin

Mondo's would've been drinking game worthy if we had said to take a drink evey time someone said "Caftan". If we did that, I don't think I could've gone into work. Ouch.

While it was a very literal translation of a cantaloupe, it works! I like it! It was cute and flowy and all the ladies loved it. Great job Mondo! Caftan caftan caftan caftan.

The winner two weeks in a row - Michael! While I'm glad he has won 2 challenges, this dress looked a little too easy.

Not hating on it or anything but it reminds me of that scene in Sleeping Beauty when the Fairy Godmothers are trying to make a dress for Briar Rose without using any magic.

Brush up on your Spanish!

I'm just saying.  It's a pretty dress, yes, but I think the colour was a weird choice - even for grapefruit.  Either way, good job Michael!

Next week, the All-Stars have to go around the city and find their Muse.  I can't wait!  That sounds like a very interesting challenge indeed!