Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Drag Race Season 4 catch up - Sharon Needles is MY QUEEN

Since I'm feeling so far behind on all the drama I've been seeing on the Twitter-machine about RuPaul's Dragrace season 4, I decided it was time...time to hop on over to and catch up (finally!). Usually VH1 will air the latest episode the day after it airs on Logo but they're slipping this time, boo. Lamesters.
I had kind of seen which queens were on this season but I hadn't seen all of them - I only paid attention to the Puerto Rican girls (Boriqua represent!) and...that was pretty much it so I never really saw anyone else.  That was my bad too because having seen the first 5 episodes, I have determined that Sharon Needles is MY QUEEN.
She is so F A B U L O U S and I can't say it enough!  And she's cute as a guy too!  WHAT!!!
I don't even know what else to say about her except when Phi Phi O'Hara was all "Go back to Party City where you belong!" all I wanted to do was cut Phi Phi right in her face.  Sharon is right girl, she IS the future of drag.
What I really can't wait for is the Snatch Game because I know Sharon was Michelle Visage and I'm pretty sure she was flawless

I mean, come on.

And we all know Chad was a flawless Cher of course

I seriously stared at this gif really hard for a very long time to make sure it was Chad in there.  CRAZY.

But let's talk about Willam for a moment.  He was all "Blah blah I've been on TV blah blah" and I was like "Where, bitch?  Where have I seen you?"  I iMDb'd that girl and saw that she was on a few episodes of my favourite trash show Nip/Tuck as the tranny that gets beat half to death and I thought the same thing about Willam then as I do now: Girl, you look like a boy who just slapped a wig on your head.  Yes, I thought she was a terrible tranny on Nip/Tuck and my opinion has not really changed.  Sure she's won a challenge or something (the mug shot one at least) but dammit - I think her game needs to be tighter.  Like I'm the expert - and that's exactly my point.  I'm no expert in the drag game but even I know Willam's look is a little "meh".

And since I'm no expert in the world of drag, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to attend a drag makeup master class.  Seriously.  I met this kid at Jungle last year who told me he wanted to convince his friend (who was not in attendance) to teach drag makeup classes and I said sign me up!  But alas, I haven't heard anything.  Or maybe I'm just not looking in the right place.  My aunt said to look into talking to the M.A.C. artists but I would only visit the M.A.C. counters of New York or do some research here in Atlanta.  My ideal drag makeup teacher would be Raquel Reed.  I love her.  I adore her.  I think she's ultra fabulous in every singe way possible.  And I think she would be the best one for makeup lessons since...well, she's a real girl and she would be able to help me channel my girliness and keep my makeup to a possible everyday drag look.  She inspired me to have blue hair and now she's making me want to go back to red territory

But seriously though.  Her makeup is always on point and I would love for her to teach me her ways.

I can't wait to get all caught up with the Drag Race girls - especially on that Snatch Game!  I know it's going to be hilarious!