Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend was some good quality low key fun. My old man and I went shopping for a little black dress for me to alter for a work event (details to come soon) and we started looking for shirts for him but I ended up shopping more for Double D instead!



I decided I'd take the cute route for Tennis last night and I wore items I'd never usually wear to shows: a dress and some wedges. WHAT.

Dot dash

My way of thinking always was to never EVER wear skirts or shoes you like to shows for fear of messing them up or getting taken advantage of. Back in my younger days I was sort of a bully to girls that wore skirts to shows. I know, I know, I shouldn't have been but I always thought it was really careless to wear skirts to shows. And as far as the shoes are concerned, I thought it was careless as well. Why wear nice shoes if they're going to get scuffed up by drunk assholes? Well, I threw all that into the wind and wore a new black dress with leggings (in case of bully karma) and my new shoes from H&M. I mean, the Tennis crowd wasn't going to be crazy, right? Well...sort of...

The Tennis crowd was a little rowdy - which sort of irked me a bit but all I kept thinking was I bought my tickets a month ago and I wasn't going to let these fools ruin my good time - which they didn't.

70/366: Tennis


Tennis was great live! I was so thrilled to finally have the chance to see them! I definitely recommend checking them out! I also recommend their albums Cape Dory and my recently purchased Young and Old. I listened to it on my way home and it was as dreamy as ever.

I'm definitely looking forward to next week for two major reasons: 1. Community is back on Thursday night! YES!! and 2. The old man and I are FINALLY getting to see Childish Gambino LIVE! WHAT WHAT!! We missed him last year because of work (boooooo) so I'm glad I get to take my old man a few days before his birthday this year! Hooray! I hope to have a good amount of photos from that.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?