Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fun with Incredibooth

Ah yes.  Spring is in the air and it's finally warm enough to wear my Jean-Paul Gaultier for Target dress!  You can read about how much I love it here.  I also wore my flowers again. And because I'm doing a million things at work - including exporting and converting, that freed me up do something very important: play with Incredibooth.  My favourite booth?  Haus O'Haunt.  My favourite lens in Haus O'Haunt?  Markup!
This app was one of my first purchases for my iPad2 since it only works with the front facing camera. After I bought it, I kinda forgot about it since I don't grab my iPad for photos. Every once in a while, I'd check for updates and buy extra cameras and stuff but I'd never really use it all that much. I remember using it during my Thanksgiving trip with my very camera-ready niece and we played around with settings and stuff

But again, I forgot about it.
Until now.
I used it to capture my crazy, can't sleep moment of lyric writing one time

And now, I'm playing with the Haus O'Haunt crossed out eyes feature. I could make a Thursday joke here but I'll spare you.  Anybody remember that song?
Crossed out
I love the randomness of it - the X's, the line through the eyes and the straight up crossed out face.  They have normal-ish settings as well. If you're into that kind of thing, I guess *winkwink*  
There's no such thing as "normal" with Synthetic's apps - only ENHANCED.
Personally, I LOVE everything Synthetic does. I love the Hipstamatic (obvs), I love Swanko Lab (haven't used that one in a while...), the camera sharing with the Hipstamatic Disposable and I'm falling in love with Incredibooth all over again!