Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games weekend

Holy crap.  Josh Hutcherson.  Josh Hutcherson has stolen my heart as Peeta Mellark personified.  I loved Peeta from the first time he said his first words in The Hunger Games and finally being able to see him on-screen, I was transformed into a younger version of myself who was falling for this guy.  Ugh.

But I kept getting jarred back into reality by some very bratty and rude kids.

Yes, the theater my aunt and I went to was overrun with little tweens and teens alike for our Friday viewing of The Hunger Games.  No surprise.  But what was really surprising was their lack of manners.  During any and all of my Harry Potter viewings, the kids had the decency to shut the fuck up as soon as the opening credits started animating.  These kids were a different kind of brat.  They talked THE ENTIRE TIME.  My aunt threatened to get the manager quite a few times even though it would've taken her out of the theater to miss more of the movie and it would've taken even longer to get out of the middle of the row we were in.  There was no winning.  Not even the fucking parents of these asshole kids stepped in.  Why?  I don't know.  They tune it out, maybe?  Who knows.

The worst part about it was that Lauren and I had been talking about the cave scene since I read about it.  Then my aunt and I talked even more about how we were anxious to see it.  And once it started in the movie, I was ready to savor it.  Tears in my eyes, my heart glowing at the sight of Peeta and Katniss and the realization and then - LAUGHTER.  The entire theater erupts with laughter when Peeta starts stroking the knife wound on Katniss' forehead.  Ugh.  My favourite part of the first book ruined.

When we exited the theater, I practically ran to the parking lot as if I was trying to escape these...these fucking JERKS.  My aunt commented that she knew the kids were probably going to be bratty but this was unacceptable.  She was right.  I had expected some level of rudeness but not that.  And then I felt like I had lost something.  Yes, I felt like they had taken the enjoyment out of the movie.  Of course they did!  That's why I want a movie redo.  I want to wait a few weeks and see the movie again - on a better screen with louder sound.  I think it would've helped if the sound was louder.  I was expecting the vibrations to shake me when the gong went off in the arena but instead, it rang loudly enough to bring me back into the games - if only for a short time.

That fueled me to read the books faster.  I was halfway through book two, so I knew the fate of the characters for the second movie and I was excited for it but I promised to NEVER AGAIN go to that theater.  I might even attempt a midnight showing somewhere else.  Maybe in a part of town with no overprivileged kids to ruin my experience.  Opening nights for the first 2 Twilight movies were fun, but they were at another theater.  Maybe the opening for Catching Fire will be better at that theater...oh well.
I hate to sound like an old person with the whole "You crazy kids" thing but COME ON!!

My thoughts about the third book after the ol' jumperoo

I ended up finishing the last book a little after midnight this morning and I went to sleep all confused.  So far, most of my morning has consisted of working and during rendering, reading the last chapter over and over.  Something doesn't sit well with me and I'm a wreck during Peeta's state after they rescue him from the Capitol.  Actually, I'm a wreck for most of the third book but it intensifies after Peeta's return.  I start to miss the old Peeta.  I cry.  When I have to do other things like clean and cook lunch, I get really sad and start contemplating when the old Peeta will come back - knowing that I'm not a character in the book.  Peeta's condition reminds me of someone I know in real life.  Maybe that's why my mood is so sour.  It ended the way I wanted it to which means my aunt telling me it will throw me for a loop was possibly to throw me off.  I declared Katniss and Peeta in the end on the drive to the theater but she didn't confirm or deny it but everything I had told her about my feelings about them ended up being completely right.  I'm glad she kept it to herself even though as I read my own thoughts coming true on the last few pages, I felt like I was being cheated.  Not because this was the ending I had wanted and hoped for but because they left other things out.  Sure, they touched on Gale but why didn't anyone speak about him visiting Katniss and Peeta's new family?  Would he feel too angry towards Peeta because Peeta had what he wanted all along?  Who knows.  There are so many unanswered questions I have banging around and I keep thinking that I'm missing something but no matter how many times I read that last chapter (plus the epilogue), I'll never find it.  Should I be feeling like this?  Am I over-thinking it?  Probably.  It's just a book.  But the characters feel closer than even Jacob or Edward did (big time nerd alert).  Who else feels like there's no closure?