Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Hives - schoolboy uniform crushes

In my quest to diversify my iPod, I recently put The Hives' "The Black and White Album" back on.  I had forgotten how great it was!  The songs are catchy, they collaborated with Pharrell Williams on a few tracks (YES!!) and the cover is pretty darn great.

You can't go wrong with that, right?!  But I noticed something with the cover that I had never thought about before: The Hives were the original Dalton Academy Warblers!



I know there have been MANY other bands that have dressed alike but I think The Hives really started my infatuation with the whole schoolboy thing. I mean we all know someone who loves that (sometimes slutty) schoolgirl look but I really appreciate the (not slutty) schoolboy look. 
And I will say that, sadly, The Warblers have fallen out of favour for two reasons: 1. Blaine was the main attraction of The Warblers and now he's the main attraction with New Directions (along with Kurt of course!) and 2. Sebastian.  Oh Sebastian!  I can't believe how you soiled the dreamy Warbler franchise with your salty prank!  And while you might have apologized for being a dick, I DON'T BUY IT.  You've got something up your sleeve.  I just know it.

So there you go.  My re-infatuation with The Hives stemming from my love of the Dalton Academy uniform.  How swell!  And great music from both!  Reacquaint yourself with The Hives.  You'll definitely enjoy it the second time around! 

*And Hives, if you're reading (probably definitely not), PLEASE put out another album!  XOXO