Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Unlucky Adventures...

My old man hasn't always had the greatest luck. No matter how hard I try to get him to change his attitude and way of thinking, he always seems to have the worst luck. And that was definitely amplified today - which is a shame because today just so happens to be his birthday. Yes, his birthday is the day after St. Patrick's Day and I think that's why he has such terrible luck on this day because everyone is hungover and feeling shitty and blah blah blah. And today was very extremely terrible.
It started off on the right foot in the morning - until he left the receipt we needed to do an exchange at Ikea. I'm convinced Ikea's colour psychology is designed to bring out the absolute worst in people. Why? Because every time we go, I feel like we're cows being herded through the store with that narrow walk way and the arrows on the floor telling us to walk through the entire store just so we can find that one thing (that usually ends up being downstairs anyway). And all we hear is couples fighting over design aesthetics or colours or models. Whether it's new couples moving in together, married couples redecorating, couples having their first child or college students moving out for the first time, they're ALWAYS arguing. Us included. All we wanted to do was exchange the table/counter top to our kitchen add-on. How long did that take us? Um...10 minutes under 3 HOURS. Yes, 3 hours. And we still went home empty-handed. But the bad mojo didn't start there, it started at Radial.
The last time we went to Radial, it was our very first time ever going there. I was getting over my sinus infection and I was just starting to get my taste back so I ordered a hamburger. When it came out, the waiter had forgotten the bacon add-on, so I had to wait for my bacon. I ended up eating the first half without bacon and it was pretty bland. After my two strips came out, I added them to the second half of my burger and it added some flavour but not much. I had heard so many good things about this place but I wasn't seeing it. Our waiter was slow and it took forever to get drink refills and our check. I get it - it's packed. I understand it's busy but when I looked around, other tables were getting better service. Today was no different. Why? We had the same fucking server. And yes, he was slow. And yes, he had forgotten my side item AGAIN only this time it wasn't bacon, it was my side of fruit. And guess what? My pancakes were cold. Ugh. And it took FOREVER to get the check.
After that, we headed off to our 3 hour Ikea adventure. I don't even want to talk about how terrible it was anymore. Blech. But I will say this: my old man has recognized that his birthday is cursed and I'm hoping that by next year, his luck will have turned around. I can only hope...

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