Monday, March 12, 2012

My Rodarte star bursts are coming together!

Along with all my weekend fun, my Studs and Spikes package arrived on Saturday (wow that was fast!) and it wasn't until late Sunday evening that I started experimenting with my stars.

I ended up ordering 3 different star sizes but I can really only use the large and medium if I want to make my Rodarte star burst the way Refinery 29 did and I realized that after I laid out my initial arrangement
Star burst arrangement 1

It was looking a little too large and in charge - which IS what I want but I would imagine it would feel a little uncomfortable after a while.  Oh well.

After watching the how-to video a few times, I finally settled on this cluster
Star burst

Lucky for me, the wire I had purchased a few weeks ago for my other incarnations of this project was already silver so I was thinking I could keep this silver version and make another one tonight to spray paint gold this weekend!  After I get them all together, I'll have a family photo of my project.  Stay tuned...

So what's a girl to do with the pack of 100 smaller sized star nail heads?!  Looks like my wardrobe is going to get a little more celestial and I ain't even mad!


  1. Looks great - I think I will make one similar. where did you buy the star nailheads?