Monday, March 26, 2012

Last week's adventures

I've never been but Sister Louisa's looks like a lot of fun
78/366: Sister Louisa's

I went to an Avid MC6 event last week and they had a sample timeline from a scene for the movie Kick Ass. I nerded out a little.  That timeline was CRAY-ZAY.
80/366: Editing Timeline

We held a surprise bridal shower for one of our staff members. Even though I get crazy anxiety during these surprise events (because I have to take photos, of course), I always end up having a little fun thanks to Heather.  She always reminds me that it's okay to put the camera down for a moment to eat some cake.
81/366: Surprise bridal shower

I did my makeup kinda sorta following this tutorial for my Effie Trinket look. I was very limited with my colours because I only had my travel makeup kit with me but I think I did a pretty good job. You can't tell but the colours were really vibrant and I swept the pinks and purples out to my temples.  It was awesome!
82/366: My Effie Trinket makeup for "The Hunger Games"
I really want the Paper Self lashes used in the movie to complete the look.  I have a feeling that Halloween will be very vibrant this year!  That is - if the Hunger Games hoopla stays strong.  I'll have time to perfect my Effie look for sure!  And I might even attempt wearing lipstick just for added effect (and because it's so pretty).

We went to one of my favourite pizza places in my neck of the woods
83/366: By the slice

And I finally spray painted my Rodarte-inspired star bursts into a unified gold/copper colour!
84/366: Spray painted gold
At first, I was a little upset that the gold colouring turned out more reddish and rusty but after I let it sit for a few more hours, it turned into a pretty golden colour.  Perfect to wear to a work event this coming Saturday since the dress I'll be wearing has a gold zipper down the back and my shoes will have gold accents.  I'm still trying to figure out how I'll add something red to it (one of the requirements).  Maybe a scarlet mani/pedi?  We'll see what I have time for this week.

I also learned a really awesome trick when I was at Lauren's on Thursday (for our Project Runway All Stars finale party).  If you freeze some cut up banana slices overnight and blend them steadily for a few minutes, they become the consistency of soft serve ice cream / yogurt!  WHAT!  I made some for my old man yesterday after we cleaned the house and it was a very much welcomed treat.  I'm definitely doing that again!

Did you have any fun adventures this past week?