Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Funday

Is it me or does Daylight Savings really mess with your internal clock? Ugh. I prefer Fall Back...
Anyways - the old man and I went out and about and my Mom informed me that she would be sending my nieces a package so I took the opportunity to make some little Easter eggs for them!

My Goddaughter loves Monster High so I got her some cute erasers
Monster High erasers

Her sister loves the Lala Loopsy dolls so I got her this cute Easter egg-sized one
Lala Loopsy

Nothing major but I thought it would be cute. 

I also saw these kids
Wedding Bella & Edward dolls! #nerdalert
Ha! I want them

After all that excitement, the old man and I headed over to The Forum. I'd only been to The Forum for the Van Michael Salon there but I had never actually adventured there until today and I finally got to go to Charming Charlie! It's so cute! I spent way too much time there trying on rings and bracelets before finally settling on some simple stacking rings, a key ring for my purse and some earrings to turn into a necklace. 

After that, we ventured into Belk and I saw these
Bowtie Bowtie

I am LOVING these bowties! And the colours on these ties

Ties Ties

So great! I wish my old man would let me dress him. Maybe I'll put an outfit together for Double D...

I also experimented with double liner
I really like it! I originally bought this bright blue and a purple that I don't really wear but I think I'll start now. So what if I'm a little late to the double liner party. I think it's a great look for Spring / Summer. Too bad I can't coordinate my double liner with my man's bowties. *Sigh*